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Selimiye Taş Odalar Hotel, Edirne

Located in Turkey’s westernmost city of Edirne (Adrianople), Selimiye Taş Odalar Butique Hotel lies in the shadow of famous Selimiye Mosque, one of the grandest of all in Turkey. Hotel’s architecture, decoration and atmosphere will take you back to old times. With its large and comfortable rooms of which ornamented with Ottoman-style furniture, the hotel is probably the best option for you if you look for an atmospheric place at the heart of center. It is suitable for families with children and has a nice garden. We think that you will adore the place one more time when you have breakfast and watch the magnificent Selimiye.


This is not the only thing in the border city of Edirne for sure. The city hosts ruins of Sultan’s ancient places, many beautiful mosques (Selimiye, the most famous, with the highest minarets in the country, dating back to 1575), attractive palaces and caravanserais as well as beautifully-ornamented Bulgarian churches. Let’s not forget the beautiful landscape Edirne has (River Meriç / Meritsa is just wonderful). We believe that it will help you much if you want to experience ‘the escape’.


Did we mention that the hotel is in the same town where Kırkpınar, Turkish oil-wrestling festival, is held annually and usually in late June? Kırkpınar is said to be the oldest active sport organization following the Olympic Games. It’s a Guinness World Record for the longest running sports competition.


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General Information
Price class C
Kind of building Architecturally remarkable / historical building
Surroundings Historical settlement
Hotel facilities
Garden +
Restaurant +
Pool -
Room facilities
Number of Single Rooms -
Price for Single Room -
Number of Double Rooms -
Price for Double Room -
Number of Twin Roms -
Price for Twin Room -
Heating +
Air Condition +
Telephone +
TV +
Internet Connection ?
Next Town Edirne Center
Next Airport Çorlu 130 km
Holiday Type Culture
Accommodation Type Hotel
Open January-December

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