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Savur Konağı, Savur - Mardin

Savur is a town of Mardin district sometimes referred as "Small Mardin" since it is a small copy of Mardin town. With its historical settlements made of stones, Savur doesn't hesitate to share the richness of its stress and natural landscape around with the visitors. Let's not forget to mention Syrian villages (Dereiçi/Kıllıt, famous for traditional home-made decorations, ornaments) and old monastries close to town. These are just few things that make Savur one of the best places for a much-needed escape holiday.

Savur Konağı looks like a castle from outside. The special thing is that rooms are large and a mixture of modern and historical design. The hotel also has its own fruit gardens (Savur is famous for fruit gardens), you can go and pick a fruit up for you and enjoy the fresh fruit. We recommend you to watch the 'huge' and eye-catching kitchen carefully since you may not see something similar anywhere.


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General Information
Price class C
Kind of building Historical building
Surroundings Historical settlement
Hotel facilities
Garden +
Restaurant +
Pool -
Room facilities
Number of Single Rooms -
Price for Single Room -
Number of Double Rooms -
Price for Double Room -
Number of Twin Roms -
Price for Twin Room -
Heating +
Air Condition +
Telephone +
TV +
Internet Connection -
Next Town Mardin 45 km
Next Airport Kızıltepe 60 km
Holiday Type Culture
Accommodation Type Hotel
Open January-December

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