the best little hotels...
the best little hotels...

Welcome to Balkanatolia!

Are you looking for smart little hotels and pensions which are not discovered yet? Far from mass tourism? You are not an all-inclusive fan but searching for top escapes in Southeastern Europe?

Get ready to surf among the best little accommodations in the Balkans and Anatolia!

This is not just one more anonyme booking site. We are true Balkanatolians. We know this fascinating region because we live here, we love it and we speak the language of your holiday destination as well as your language. We welcome you to a genuine holiday!

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Let the sun shine on you!


Would you like to make a holiday in the middle of nowhere? Well, we have some options for you! Rest at a place like middle of nowhere, enjoy the scene, take some walk and read more of your favourite book!


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Do you need a weekend run-away?


Are you bored and tired of the noise in the city? Do people make you nervous all the time?


Check out the best options we prepared for you! We are sure that you will get ready to back to work/school/house after two days. Sit back and enjoy the places we offer.


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